Espacio Líquido nace en el año 2000 como galería de arte contemporáneo, espacio de producción y edición de libros, catálogos y objetos de artista.


C/ Jacobo Olañeta, 5, bajo,
33202 Gijón, Asturias


+34 622 07 80 99


María Cobas

Born in A Coruña in 1982.


Since she was a child, she has shown great interest in art. At the age of eighteen, he lived in the United States, where he took a course in analogue photography at Moapa Valley HS, Nevada. He returns to his hometown to study Architecture, carrying out his final project at Vitus Bering University, Horsens Denmark. He works as an architect in the studio of Hembert Peñaranda, a collaborator of Renzo Piano, in Genoa Italy. Throughout this period he always dedicates time to painting, in 2008 he abandoned construction to work exclusively in the world of art.

In recent years he has been part of collective exhibitions in Milan, A Coruña, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Seville, Madrid and Lisbon and individual ones such as those held at Galería Parrote, Galería Bomoble or the Sala Club Financiero, A Coruña or the Sala Caja Sur, Algeciras.

He has recently participated in fairs such as Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid 2023; Drawing Room, Madrid 2021. In 2019, he won a scholarship to carry out an artistic residency at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey by Antonio Murado, in 2007 his work was included in the book “100 mulleres emerging Galician artists”.

Collective exhibitions
2022 Parrote Gallery, Pontevedra, Spain
2021 Sala Hidropedal, Algeciras, Spain
2020 DiGallery, virtual exhibition, covid19 pandemic period, Seville, Spain
2020 Alvaro Alcazar Gallery, virtual exhibition, covid19 pandemic period, Madrid, Spain
2019 Sala Hidropedal, Algeciras, Spain
2018 Manolo Alés Gallery, La Linea de la Concepción, Cadiz, Spain
2018 Gustavo Barcarisas Galery, Gibraltar. UK
2017 Alcultura, curated by Magda Belloti, Algeciras. Spain
2014 Albert Plaumann Gallery, Milan. Italy
2000 Moapa Valley Art Guild, Nevada, Usa

Publications and collaborations
2022 Open Studios, Algeciras, Spain
2021 Cooperativa Arbore, intervention on ceramics, collaboration with Perve Galeria (Lisbon) Oporto, Portugal.
2021 Perve Gallery, collaboration with Chilean artist Ivan Villalobos, “exquisite corpse”, Lisbon, Portugal.
2019 Open Studios Algeciras, Spain
2019 Entre Pinares, Soria. Spain
2019 Illustrations for the children’s story, “Lumba the crocodile who achieved his dream”, Ed. Exlibric
2018 Workshop with Juan Carlos Bracho, La Linea de la Concepción, Cadiz. Spain
2018 Collaboration at Malaga Film Festival, Spain
2017 Open Studios, A Coruña. Spain
2009 Work included in the book, “100 Galician women, emerging artists” Ed. Tense pola igualdade, Xunta de Galicia.

My work dialogues between the surreal and the metaphorical. Pretending to reflect on the patterns set by society. I am interested in creating an unprejudiced vision of the individual,
considering diversity as an essential factor and finding in it a non-stereotyped beauty. I include in my work a landscape that represents the miscellany between the real and virtual world, both worlds in which we currently live in a parallel way, including nature motifs, with a symbolic intention. I am interested in being able to see the world without prejudices and increase the capacity for perception and tolerance. I work through the
unconscious. I make a configuration of what I observe, with this I develop characters and turn them into presences that are unusual and alien to themselves, in order to carry out a reflection on the natural order, reach new possible schemes and expand from the sensibility understanding of diversity. The creative process flows intuitively, it is an internal dialogue, through which the work emerges, little by little in this way the characters emerge on the support. I develop the work mainly on raw cotton support, to which I carry out a previous treatment to be able to apply the color later, which I apply with oil and spray. I also carry out works on paper, with pencil, ink and acrylic inks.