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Domingo / Debbie Reda

From October 20 to November 22, 2022

In the Domingo exhibition, the artist Debbie Reda takes us back to the childhood she spent with her grandfather Domingo. The afternoons they spent together with their games, confidences and shared imaginary worlds.

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Today walking with a quick, adult pace I came across a golden chocolate wrapper on the ground.
Do you remember Domingo? For us, finding it was a treasure!
Sunday is the beginning.
Home. The beginning of everything.
The day of long walks and colorful towers.
Of pencils, scrabbel, checkers and chinchon.
It is the day of tangos, boleros and Ornella.
It’s time for racing, feeding the pigeons, climbing trees and slides and playing dominoes.
I would like it to last longer, to come back. And try one more bike ride and the dulce de leche liqueur that was hidden somewhere.
Climb more stairs, listen to more stories and take more naps.
In the evenings, although weekly, Domingo is always with me, with sun hair, even if it rains.
At night I know that Dominic dances, the stars tell me when they fall fleetingly.
I’m sure you’re smiling, scoring goals with Maradona, with your hand and with God.
Thank you for the reality and the fantasy.
Thank you Domingo.
I’m going to keep on playing…

Debbie Reda.
October 2022.